Saturday, June 14, 2008

Congratulations Melissa and Ryan !!!!!

This past Friday the 13th saw one of the sweetest girls I have EVER met get married - I booked her wedding cake a year ago and the day had finally come !!!! Melissa found my web site on line and booked me on the spot, she then referred a few of her friends to me for cakes - she has been a true support of me and my business, so I was so excited when her wedding was approaching !!! She had chosen 75 mini cakes with a square cake on the top of the was going to be soooo pretty. As Friday the 13th was about to be the BEST day of Melissa's life, it was about to become the WORST of mine......heres the story !!!

so I get up Thursday morning, ice the cakes and start at 5pm I had them all cut into 2x2x2 and iced, ready for fondant....went to teach at 630, got home at 9 and got back at 10am I only had about 20 left to put fondant on.....the other 55 were done - figuring all is good to go for my 3pm delivery......well...... I was taking the 55 to the fridge when I tripped on the threshold of my cake room and guessed it, all of them ended up on the after a huge screaming fit and A LOT of tears shed.......I called my hubby.....who immediately came home from work and helped me with the new at 11am, we are baking 75 cupcakes and cutting fondant disks and re-doing the whole order....I was freaking all night about the poor bride.....this girl booked me a year ago and has referred 3 of her friends to me that I do cakes for on a regular that fact made me more upset !! I delivered set up, and left her a thank you note saying thanks for letting me be a part of your day.....and explained why she was seeing cupcakes and not what she ordered....and that when she brought me back the stand that I would have a refund for her for my mistake......

So.....she calls me this morning and I almost starting crying on the phone with her - but she is the sweetest girl I could ever ask for as a bride.......she asked me if I was okay and if I got hurt and that the cupcakes were gorgeous and she couldn't have asked for a better display........I told her again that I would give her her money back to which she kept saying "that is so sweet".... that things happen and she understands.......but I couldn't live with myself not giving her something back.......and that nothing would ever stop her from ordering from me again that she was so impressed that I pulled something together for her ....I had to run out today so when I got back my stand was on my porch - all cleaned, and she left me the most beautiful thank you note AND she left me one the centrepieces from the wedding - how sweet is that !!!!!!



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