Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kake Kreations in "SNAP" Pickering

So there I was in line to use a bank machine when a technician came out and said it will only be a minute we are just changing the paper in the machine. Okay I said, I will wait, what should I do while I wait....I will read SNAP Pickering......so there I am reading the paper and look what I found.....


Proud to be a Part of.....

The Rouge Valley Organization......

The Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital site commissioned me to create a cake to celebrate the WONDERFUL job their volunteers did in raising $1 million dollars for the organization. Rouge Valley holds a special place in my heart.....my grandmother was hospitalized there for 4 months before her passing as well as my father was hospitalized there for over a month and his condition was finally diagnosed by the exceptional staff there ! Every dollar makes a difference so please help !!!!!
Here is the link to the event that was held in the volunteers honour !
Congratulations Volunteers, you truly make ALL the difference !
Here is the cake I made for them as well as a wonderful thank-you form Roselyn, the Planned Giving Co-Ordinator !

Hi Karey,

A big huge thank you to you! The cake was perfect.

Your cake was beautiful and delicious too! Everyone thought it was spectacular.

I look forward to working with you again.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kake Kreations & McDonalds

McDonald's Fundraising Event.....

Kake Kreations is proud to be a part of the Scarborough area McDonald's Fundraising events !

McDonald's commissioned Karey to create them a cake to launch a 6-week fundraising campaign that will see proceeds from the McDonald's coin boxes and their upcoming McHappy Day sales go towards the Rouge Valley Hospital to help them purchase a vital portable Ultrasound machine to be used in the emergency department !

Ronald even got in on the action and took time to pose with the cake !

More photos from the event courtesy of the Foundation: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rvhsf/sets/72157615800221377/

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Professional Shots.....

Its not that often that I get to see the professional shots of my cakes, however when I did Matt and Jesaras wedding in the summer, (2) talented ladies that I know were also vendors for that wedding.....1st was Susan of Moments That Shine and 2nd was Jennifer Cavanaga of Jennifer Images . Jennifer forwarded me some spectacular shots of the cake. Jennifer is a wonderful photographer and if you are ever looking for that perfect person to capture your wedding, she is the one !!!!!

Thanks Jennifer for the shots, they are AMAZING !!!!!

A little bit of catch up......

WOW, I have been one busy little girl......there has not been one weekend that hasn't gone by without at least 3 orders......come Sunday night, I am soooooo tired that I fall asleep before I get a chance to update the blog.....

So here ya go.....enjoy some shots of my latest work.....this is just a bit of it....there is more to come !!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

To Oklahoma and Back.......

I have been a bit behind on my posts lately.....mainly because I have been swamped with orders and also because me and my good friend Lisa @ Flour Confections took a trip in late September to compete in the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. This show is the Olympics of the cake world, the show has 2 shows combined into one.....the first being the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition and the second being the divisional sugar art show. Because I had too many orders I could not commit the time needed to enter the Grand National Wedding Cake Show but I did enter into the divisional show.

Much to my delight, my holiday cake entry placed 2nd in the professional division....and from what I have been told..if you place at all at this show you have done good !! My other entry in the professional wedding cake category did not place, however it did make to get shot for the magazine American Cake Decorating......so we will see if that cake makes an appearance!!!!!

Next years theme is "Of Sea and Shore" for the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition.....and I already found my inspiration !!!!

So yes, I will be Oklahoma bound next September !!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Congratulations Jesara and Matt !!!!

I had the pleasure of this past weekend of doing a wedding cake for Jesara and Matt....again I got to travel to Tosca banquet hall in Oshawa......Jesara had a bright pink, orange, yellow theme all accented with gorgeous gerbera daises !! I created a simple cake for her with those gorgeous gerberas.......everything in the room was perfect and stunning right down to the napkins of that same pink and orange !!!!

While I was setting up, I was speaking with the DJ......on the cake table was a bucket tied with the matching ribbon that I used on the cake....and it was labeled "BOOB BUCKET"......I had no clue what that meant so I asked the DJ........to make the bride and groom kiss, money get dropped into this boob bucket...then at the end of the night all the money that gets collected gets donated to breast cancer......I thought that was THE best idea I have ever heard.......


A Baby on the way .....

Last summer I had the pleasure of doing a wedding shower cake for a lovely bride to be Elisha.....her mom contacted me and ordered the cake......the cool part about that was that Elisha's mom Nora lives in Texas......!!!!!!

So Nora contacted me again this summer - she is going to be a gramma !! Nora wanted a cke to resemble the adorable gingham jumpsit invitations she made.....

CONGRATULATIONS Elisha and Nora !!!!!

Can't wait to see a picture of your new bundle of joy !!!

Congratulations Amy and Derek !

Amy contacted me about months ago and wanted a cake to replicate her invitations.....

I created this cake for her that matched the beautiful green flower print she had on her invites.....I then created a topper for her using a combination of the flowers and her and her hubbys initials....

I took the cake to a beautiful restaurant at Yonge and the 401 - Aubergine Du Pomier......

Congrats Amy and Derek !!!!!


August 23rd, 1990 - I became Aunt Karey to a beautiful baby girl Amanda.....well that baby girl just turned 18 today !!! Where has the time gone !!!! To celebrate this milestone we had a big family party and of course I had to make my favorite niece (okay she is my only niece, but she is still my fav !!) a cake.....I made her Louis Vuitton Purse Cake...something every 18 year old girl wants......well that and a trip to go drinking in Montreal.....yes yes.....I am taking her in a couple weeks.....what have I gotten myslef into !!

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY AMANDA - you are a wonderful person and I have nothing but great memories of watching you grow up to the beautiful woman you are today !!!