Monday, October 13, 2008

To Oklahoma and Back.......

I have been a bit behind on my posts lately.....mainly because I have been swamped with orders and also because me and my good friend Lisa @ Flour Confections took a trip in late September to compete in the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. This show is the Olympics of the cake world, the show has 2 shows combined into one.....the first being the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition and the second being the divisional sugar art show. Because I had too many orders I could not commit the time needed to enter the Grand National Wedding Cake Show but I did enter into the divisional show.

Much to my delight, my holiday cake entry placed 2nd in the professional division....and from what I have been told..if you place at all at this show you have done good !! My other entry in the professional wedding cake category did not place, however it did make to get shot for the magazine American Cake we will see if that cake makes an appearance!!!!!

Next years theme is "Of Sea and Shore" for the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition.....and I already found my inspiration !!!!

So yes, I will be Oklahoma bound next September !!

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